Most Common Misconceptions about Cross Training

There are many common misconceptions about CrossFit. Today I felt the need to at least let you know what you're talking about (that’s if you really don’t). Otherwise, you are going to sound as bad as jogger trying to persuade a powerlifter about the cons of benching.

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It's nothing more than cardio!

It’s not! Crossfit is all about strength, stamina and power lifts. It involves bodyweight and gymnastic movements, and of course, some interval and longer duration cardio. However, in this cardio are also 1RMs and strongman movements. So, your heart rate will pace up, but if yours isn't going to, then something is definitely missing from your workout recipe – that is intensity.

It's not nicely programmed

Seriously! - Saying that all of CrossFit training and WODs are programmed correctly is like saying all of the bodybuilding isn't programmed correctly. The programming may not be uniform across all gyms, or among everybody who scales exercises and loading according to their requirements. And if there’s any CrossFitter who may be unhappy with the programming, then such an individual is free to take his or her business to other gyms where the workouts are different.

crossfit workout

The best CrossFitters don't even do CrossFit!

A similar complaint to this is that most of these professional crossfitters were already strong and skilled before they even started CrossFit. In as much as this notion may be true with some of them, the CrossFit Games today is filled with athletes in their mid 20's who have never found an opportunity to train more seriously until they started CrossFit. In short, they are true products of CrossFit training.

It's dangerous!

Lol! I don’t really understand what the boundaries of ‘dangerous’ really is- but hey, how safe are other sports either? CrossFit attracts many people, some of whom may be inexperienced. So it’s only normal if injuries occur because of the huge number of people registering every year. A few injuries happening to a few Crossfitters yearly should not be the reason you shy off, go and work out!

crossfit workout

It breaks the bank!

Actually, it’s less costly than paying for a regular gym then hiring a personal trainer on top of that. At every CrossFit spot, you will find instructors coaching groups of people, and within that group, they get to work with you alone as the need arises. In the end, it's semi-personal training and doesn’t have to break the bank.

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