Cross Training diet: Top 5 Foods to Fuel Your Cross Training Performance

It is time to refine your CrossFit nutrition by committing to eat quality foods which will take your training to a higher level. The reason why each fitness food you choose is important is that you cannot substitute quality nutrition. What you eat largely depend on your lifestyle, your biology, training, and your goals. That notwithstanding, the cardinal principle is to respect your body and consume only the best quality of foods.

To build a nutritional framework for success, follow and implement the simplest rule of meal prepping and including some form of protein in your breakfast meal. Below are five types of foods that will help in perfecting your CrossFit diet.

Coconut Oil

All CrossFitters should consider adding coconut oil to their diet. There are lots of benefits associated with this easily available food. For instance, it increases your energy levels, enhances fat burning, lowers oxidative stress, improves cognitive function, improves digestion, and lowers inflammation. If you are a vegan, an athlete on a low carbohydrate diet, or one who trains early in the morning, you have every reason to make coconut oil part of your daily diet. Coconut oil has medium chain triglycerides which are saturated fats. They are metabolized on a different path from that of other saturated fats. They form a more rapid source of energy.

Bio Protein

This is an ideal fuel to take after your workout of the day. Bio proteins play a key role in replenishing your muscles and optimizing recovery. There are many reasons why it forms a perfect inclusion into your breakfast meal. It boosts neurotransmitter production, satiates hunger, provides amino acids which are the building blocks of muscle, and stabilizes your energy levels.

Nuts and Berries

When you are on an intense training schedule, you should have some nuts and berries to give you the support you need. Nuts are usually packed with important nutrients and essential fats and can serve as a perfect snack. Berries are packed with vitamins, anthocyanins, fiber, and polyphenols.

Protein Porridge

Any CrossFitter looking for a perfect start to a morning should consider adding protein porridge to their diet. It is a great tasting snack that can enhance your daily protein intake. This contributes to the growth as well as maintenance of muscle mass. Depending on the brand, you will have different nutritional quantities per serving, but the nutritional profile contains energy, fat, carbohydrates, protein, and a bit of salt.

Chia Seeds

The beauty of this super food is its flexibility. You can easily throw in chia seeds into your smoothie, morning yogurt, or a fruit salad. It has lots of health benefits amongst them anti-oxygens which prevents muscle soreness and inflammation, protein for muscle growth, and nutrients that boost concentration.

When designing your CrossFit diet, be simple and include foods that you can easily find around. Ensure the nutritional basics are met and always go for the best possible quality.

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