Understanding the Basics of Cross Training Nutrition

Nutrition is not just for the gymnast or weightlifters, but it is necessary for life. Understanding the basics of CrossFit nutrition and making them a habit can transform your performance and experience. You may be practicing hard in the gym, but if you don’t have regard to nutrition, it is like paddling with a single oar.

CrossFit nutrition

Diet is so crucial to CrossFit performance and health that in the CrossFit pyramid, it is positioned at the foundation of it. The CrossFit pyramid starts with nutrition at the base, followed by metabolic conditioning, gymnastics, weightlifting, and throwing, and ultimately sport at the very top of the pyramid.

It is suicidal to jump right away into the main class without completing the foundations. In CrossFit nutrition needs to be a lifestyle, a habit that you enjoy. When you nail the basics, the impact this has on health and performance are incredible. Below are the basics to focus on.

Eat More Vegetables

CrossFit nutrition

Most people underestimate the impact of vegetables on their CrossFit health and performance. As we may all know, CrossFit is an intense sport which means your body system requires more support compared to the average athlete. Your meals must comprise a variety of nutrients with a special emphasis on fruits and vegetables.

To start with, add more vegetables especially green vegetables into your meals. For instance, adding spirulina or kale into your smoothie in the morning and drop some spinach into your omelet for your lunches and dinner.

Personalize Your Nutrition

CrossFit nutrition

Not everything works for you, and this is why you need to individualize what you eat. To crack this, you need self-awareness. Do you recall the days when you feel overly energized and superhuman? These are the days you probably ate certain meals that gave you the energy. Note down the foods you ate in those days. Also, journalize the foods you ate on the days you felt low and unenthusiastic. Those are the meals to avoid.

Instead of following someone else’s nutrition plan, come up with your own that addresses your unique needs. Crossfit nutrition is a process that you need to be disciplined to follow it.

Minimize the Decision-Making Stress

Always deciding on what to eat before a workout, during a workout, and after a workout can be so overwhelming and draining. This is because you may find yourself in the process of decision making each day. There are simple strategies you can adopt so as to minimize the stress of these decisions so as to focus on other productive areas such as your work, CrossFit training, and social life. You can do meal prepping so that you always have meals in your fridge.

Optimize Your Diet Budget

CrossFit nutrition

You don’t have to buy expensive foods from high-end shops and groceries. The basic thing is to get the most in terms of quality food from your budget. This may call for research from your local producer where you can get good products at cheaper rates. You should also buy larger cuts of meat and spread it over some time.

Lastly, ensure your breakfast has protein in it. Most breakfasts are solely carbohydrate-based, and this can undermine your health and workout of the day performance. Don’t discard the cornflakes and milk, but include more proteins to stabilize your energy levels, boost neurotransmitter production, and provide amino acids for muscle building and recovery. 


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