Cross Training exercise: Building a Strong Core Through Sit Up Exercises

Any CrossFit athlete will tell you that a strong core is an absolute must in CrossFit success. As opposed to bodybuilding which prioritizes aesthetics, CrossFit puts function and fitness first. Because of this, it gives you a healthy approach where your body is defined by what it does and not how it looks. There are sit up exercises that will enhance your core and as an addition give you the much fantasized six pack abs. Before delving into these exercises, it must be emphasized that the right CrossFit nutrition must be part of the matrix.

CrossFit exercise


This is a deceptively brutal CrossFit exercise with lots of benefits for CrossFitters. It enhances the health of your shoulders, chisels your abs, builds functional core strength, as well as helping you out with your deadlift. L-Sits can be done on dip bars, kettle bells, push-up bars, yoga blocks, or even benches. All you need are two secure platforms of the same height to enable you to lift your butt off the ground.

Frog Crunch

Frog Crunch

This variation targets your lower abs, strengthens your core, and also challenges your balance and stability. Start by sitting and bending your knees right in front of you. Then, lean back slightly so that your torso is positioned at a 45 degrees angle relative to the floor while your chins parallel to the floor. As you straighten your legs and push your arms to the sides, keep your abs involved. Lastly, bring your legs and arms back to the initial position and continue with these movements while holding your core steady.

Bicycle Crunch

Bicycle Crunch

This CrossFit exercise is excellent for toning your thighs and building core strength. You don’t need any equipment, and you can perform it anywhere. Just lie on the floor and let your lower back press onto the ground. Position your hands on either side of your head, but do not pull your head up or lock your fingers. Gradually, lift your knees up to an angle of 45 degrees and slowly execute a bicycle pedal motion using your legs. Alternately, as you twist back and forth through your core, let the opposite knee touch your elbows. Instead of keeping the elbows forward to the chest, keep them back because this can strain your neck.

Running Man Sit Up

This is more or less a combination of a standard sit up and a bicycle crunch. Simply lie on the floor and position your hands behind your head. As you curl up and twist your torso, bend your right knee so that it is crossed over by your left elbow. Thereafter, drop all the way to the starting point and then repeat the same for the other side.

Reverse Crunch Pulse

To perform this exercise, lie on your back and let your legs face straight up perpendicular to the floor. As for your hands, keep them down on your sides and let your palms face down. Squeeze your abs as you raise and lower your butt off the floor in quick succession. When doing this exercise, focus on using your lower abs. The alternative way of doing this is to bend your legs at the knees and allow your shins to be parallel to the floor.

Other sit up exercises you may want to include in your CrossFit workout schedule are Russian twist, six pack abs plank, and T-Cross sit up.

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