Cross Training Exercises - Improving Position & Focus through Squat Therapy

Squat therapy, one of the major CrossFit exercises, has the power to enable you comfortably to perform the difficult positions of squat and at the same time enhance your focus in each squat session so that you can have more gains and lower your risk of injury.

CrossFit exercises

In as much as squat therapy is not new, it can be reliably said that few people integrate it into their workout routines. For this reason, you should think about including this therapy in your warm-up whether at the gym or in your CrossFit home workouts.

How to Perform the Squat Therapy

Knowing the technique of performing squat therapy can enhance your gains and improve your proficiency in CrossFit.

The first step is to begin by facing the wall and with your feet position in squat stance. The distance between the wall and where you stand should be approximately 10 to 12 inches. Your focus should be on squeezing your glutes and tightening your abs.

With your arms extended above your head, pull your shoulders down and towards the central part of your back so as to activate your lats and scaps. With your weight concentrated towards the back of your foot, rotate your hips externally.

CrossFit exercises

At times, you may find your knees touching the wall. This is mostly as a result of initiating the movement with the knees instead of the hips. Keep on practicing this crucial step until you get it right. In CrossFit exercises, you need discipline.

Proceed to pull yourself right into the bottom of the squat. The reason this drill is exciting is that it engrains the idea of slowly easing to the bottom of your squat instead of simply dropping down.

Restricted mobility in the hips or ankles can cause your chest to pitch forward and your hands to touch the wall during squats. In order to get this behind you, you need to focus on those areas as well as keep your upper back and scaps engaged.

While you are at the bottom, you should hold the position for about 2 or 3 seconds, according to people following CrossFit exercises for a long time. If you have a friend watching you, ask them to take a video so that you can afterward see your position and how you looked like while at the bottom of your squat.

If you realize you have a wink, the instance when your hips round under at the end and your lumbar spine loaded in a less than ideal position, try focusing more on squeezing your abs and glutes in the course of your movement.

CrossFit exercises

As you stand up, be gradual. Ideally, you should come straight up and not pitch forward from your squat. This is because pitching forward strains your lower back. If you find yourself doing this, focus on squeezing your upper back and scaps so that your chest stays up.

It is recommended that you repeat your squats for about 10 reps at a speed that enables you to focus on the various portions you need to work on. When you integrate squat therapy into your CrossFit workout schedule, you stand to enjoy massive gains and reduced injuries.

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