Cross Training Exercises to Boost Your Physique

Oftentimes, we admire bodybuilders and fitness models, not knowing they are dedicated to the gym. Each one of them has a past, and out of their resolve to work hard and build lean muscle, they are where they are today. One of the ways you can also walk along this path of fitness is by switching things up and escaping the confines of traditional routines and moves.

Crossfit exercises

There are non-traditional exercises that can greatly improve your physique and athletic performance. This is where it makes sense adding in those traditional CrossFit exercises in your routine.

There are several Crossfit exercises that can potentially shock your body and push it towards gaining more muscle and shedding fat.

Barbell Thruster

Crossfit exercises

This is one of the CrossFit exercises that touche every muscle group in your body. As a total body conditioning workout, barbell thruster demands increased energy from your body, and this goes a long way in slashing body fat. Because of this core demand, the abdominal region also benefits from a thorough workout that helps to flatten it, particularly on the mid-section. When this is combined with diet and additional cardio, getting the desired 6-pack doesn’t take long.

To usher you into the thruster, load up your bar with 8 to 12 rep marks and then perform 3 to 4 sets at the end of a leg or shoulder workout.

Wall Ball

Crossfit exercises

When beginners are introduced to wall ball in their CrossFit training program, it looks so deceiving because it seems to them that there is no magic in squatting and throwing a medicine ball up against a wall. The reality is, the medicine ball is not as heavy, but the plus to this exercise is on the movement pattern demands it imposes on your body. Once you get 10 reps, you won’t believe how your core, shoulders, and legs become taxed.

If you want a great conditioning and fat loss workout, try 5 rounds of wall ball of 20 reps each and resting just 30 to 60 seconds between the sets.

Overhead Kettlebell Swings

Even though this exercise is known for its fat loss and conditioning potential, it is an excellent workout for your hamstrings and glutes as well. Overhead kettlebell swings tap into your muscle fibers to create an explosive component in your hamstring and glutes workouts. You can try 3 to 4 sets each containing 12 to 15 reps of this exercise to enhance your glute-ham tie-in.

Box Jump

Crossfit exercises

This is not a new workout; it has been used by CrossFitters for quite a long time. However, it has its unique place in the CrossFit training schedule of physique-minded athletes. Just like the overhead kettlebell swing, the box jump encompasses explosive movements which most often than not excite the central nervous system. This in turn greatly improves the neural output of any lifter in the course of their strength training program. 3 sets consisting 5 reps each are recommended before hitting the weights.

To add to the above physique exercises; rope climb is another magical workout. This uses the upper body to climb the rope thereby resulting into a wonderful upper body pulling exercise that works your lats, arms, back, and grip.


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