Bodyweight Strength Training Moves & Their Benefits in Cross Training Workout

Body strength training is one of the workouts that has been getting exposure of late. Think of moves such as the human flag which initially was only done in circus arts, is now in TV commercials. CrossFit gym goers have become excited by the simplicity and beauty of using bodyweight to create new exercises which are challenging in their own measures.

CrossFit workout

Bodybuilders and the folks from calisthenics have lots in common than they may realize. The following moves will give you the best of both bodybuilding and callisthenic worlds to help you achieve your athletic and aesthetic goals.

The Full Back Bridge

This is a timeless, functional movement which also makes up for an impressive visual. For those who have tried it, they can tell you that this movement is instrumental in improving your flexibility as well as total body strength. If you have never attempted bridging, the first try can be quite humbling because even the strongest athletes in the gym struggle to hold a full back bridge.

CrossFit workout

Just like another CrossFit workout, the back bridge comes with its own set of variations. The advice is to keep on progressing into dynamic versions that will challenge not just your strength, but also flexibility. It doesn’t really matter how you do back bridges; they always work wonders for your posterior chin especially the spinal erectors, glutes, and hamstrings.

The L-Sit

CrossFit workout

Being a classic isometric exercise, the L-sit works out the entire body. It emphasizes the abdominal muscles as well. The basic L-sit CrossFit workout is done on a pair of parallel or just any other elevated sturdy surface. To do this workout, you hold yourself upright in the same position as if you are at the top of a parallel bar dip and then raise your legs and allow them to stretch straight right in front of you to parallel the ground. Your body should wind up looking like letter “L.” The tangible benefits of L-sits include building shoulder strength and core strength.

Elbow Lever

Performing this CrossFit workout requires flexibility, mental focus, and above all grace. It is one of the few exercises which help in developing balance and strength throughout the body. As you practice this move, you will learn how to build serious core strength as well as total body tension.

To do an elbow lever, leverage your hip bones up against the elbows as you balance on your hands and your body completely outstretched. Your palms should be on the floor, and your fingers are pointing towards your legs. Bend your elbows in such a manner as to rest your hips on them. Gradually shift your weight forward and move it away from your feet up until you float up off the floor. Once you get this move right, you can start raising the stakes by doing the single arm version of it.

The Archer Pull-up

This is a great way you can use your bodyweight to add some degree of resistance to your traditional pull-up CrossFit exercise. Start as if you are doing a normal pull-up, but gradually bend either your left or right arm as you slowly pull your chin over the bar. Your torso will shift towards one side while your arm stays straight on the opposite. Your legs should be slightly to the side so that you achieve a counterbalance. To get the most out of this move, do it on alternating sides.

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