Tips to Help You Master Ring Stand Push-Up

Being a CrossFitter is all about learning new exercises challenging your limits and getting fitter. The ring stand push-up is one of the iconic CrossFit workouts you should try out. It was first seen at the 2010 Games, and ever since, it has made comebacks on many different fronts. It is a tough workout, and it tasks even the most qualified and fit human beings on earth.

ring stand push up

Ring stand push-up is an advanced movement. However, there is no reason that why you cannot achieve it. It is all about pushing your limits.

Building the Right Foundations

Before attempting this exercise, you have to build basic strength and balance. The following are some of the warm-up and prep exercises to perform.

  • 3 strict pull-ups
  • 3 strict handstand push-ups
  • Freestanding handstand lasting 5 seconds

The ring stands handstand push-up is a demanding exercise which requires a good sense of balance. This is because it is performed on equipment that is unstable and moving. It tasks your core to keep you stable over the entire range of motion.

push up

To improve balance, start by standing in an upright position with the distance between your feet measuring shoulder width apart. Then, take a 15-kg plate with both hands and raise it gradually above your head with your arms outstretched fully. Ensure your core is tight and adjust the plate until you achieve complete stability and hold in that position for 20 seconds.

This CrossFit exercise helps you find your point of balance and trains your memory to keep your body tight in this position.


CrossFit is about progression. You need to build up with time by developing and strengthening your body system and technique in stages. When entering the ring handstand push-up position, hang the rings on a mat for the first few times and then grip them with bent arms. Then activate your core and push hard to propel your body and legs into an upright position. It is important to train form and strength before you embark on speed.

Flexibility is Critical

This exercise requires good flexibility. To wake your body up, ensure you mobilize your shoulders and do quick warm-ups with strict presses and quick presses. To successfully complete ring handstand push-ups, you should work to develop your shoulder stability.

Lock Your Feet

This is critical in handstand push-ups. To do this, straddle your legs out and then around the straps when you kick your legs up. Using your feet, hook back inside the straps to enable your outer foot to be in contact with the strap material.

Position Your Body Vertically

To make this cross-training movement efficient, stay as straight and vertical as you can. Your knees, feet, hips, and shoulders should be aligned in a straight vertical line. If your spine is curved, you will have a closed shoulder angle which makes things a little bit harder.

The final tip to conquer this movement is to grip the rings. In doing this, keep your wrists tight because allowing them to bend can affect the ulnar nerve. This can have a bad impact on your balance.

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