Women Cross Training Shoes and How to Pick the Best

There is no doubt about the popularity of CrossFit. People from different walks of life and sporting background have found the CrossFit training schedule a much more beneficial regimen which helps in giving them an edge in whatever they do. That said, people come to this sport with histories of injuries, weaknesses, and flexibility issues.

CrossFit shoes

Most CrossFit gyms pride themselves in customizing workouts that accommodate the different ability levels and fitness backgrounds of the joining athletes. One of the basic CrossFit supplies that tend to be overlooked in some circles is the footwear. Your athletic background has a certain impact on the type of shoes you should wear in your CrossFit training. Ideally, the shoe needs to address your pertinent needs as well as accommodate higher intensity workouts. Below are some considerations you should make when buying CrossFit shoes for women.


One of the intense tasks your shoes will have to handle during CrossFit workouts is a rock climb. People who have mastered leg-less rock climbs are an exception to this, but for the majority, getting to the top of a rope that is 15 or 20 feet long requires a great deal of work on your upper body as well as footwork.

CrossFit shoes

CrossFit shoes that fit the bill here should have enough structure at the instep to help them pinch the rope in between your feet while at the same time resisting attempts of the rope digging into you. While in the store, inspect the material on the upper side of the shoe and ensure it doesn’t feel slick to the touch.


The trip up the rope may be hard for you, but coming down can be even harder for your shoes. The friction between the rope and the sole of your shoe will slow down your descent and give you a much safer landing at the bottom.

CrossFit shoes

When looking for CrossFit shoes, inspect the area around the instep where the sole meets the upper. Instead of going for a soft foam midsole, choose shoes with sticky rubber as this can resist the wear and tear occasioned by the friction between the shoes and the rope.


Your local climate plays a significant role in helping you determine the right shoes to buy. By nature, CrossFit workouts are not confined indoors which means you will occasionally have to go outdoors to complete your WOD. For instance, the Helen workouts come up in programming during snow storms. Therefore, you need to consider a shoe that has a good grip and traction to enable you to run in snow safely.

Fitness Background

CrossFit shoes

If you are an Olympic lifter joining CrossFit so as to add some diversity, you may need to opt for lifting shoes which by design have a firm sole which cannot compress even when under heavy loads. If your background is running, your shoes will have to compress midsoles and much softer soles that will keep your form good during the lifts.

The last consideration is a comfort. Every shoe you buy should give you comfort to do whatever exercise you want to engage in. There is nothing as hurting as wearing a pinching shoe.

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