Workout of the day: Cross Training and What to Expect When You Begin

The human body system is structured in a way that if it is left to its own devices, it will never push itself hard enough to make the changes required to get you in shape. For this reason, it pays to join a CrossFit gym so that you can work your body out and have yourself to thank later. Insofar as the traditional gym plays a role in starting you off with occasional jogs as well as chest and biceps motions, these are not enough. You need more to see things happen.

workout of the day

Diet is a critical ingredient in your healthy matrix, but even that may not be sufficient if not paired with physical training. If you are thinking about joining CrossFit to rewrite your own fitness future, below are some of the things that you should expect from this workout of the day.

You Will Discover Your Real Shape

Your initial sessions at the gym will mainly comprise basic instruction and stretch. Du of the intensity of the workouts, you may require numerous breaks to regain your breath. The reason behind all this is because your muscles which have been dormant for some years are now being engaged and stretched. This will last for about a week or two before your lungs open up.

workout of the day

You Will Realize the Fitness Difference between You and Seasoned Athletes

Your certified instructors are extremely fit human beings, and their physiques are up to scratch. Regarding weight, you will be heavier, but when it comes to being strength, they will be like 50 to 15% stronger than you are. The idea of CrossFit is to enable you to lift heavy weights but inefficient ways possible. Big doesn’t mean strong in CrossFit, and with time you will learn the difference.

The CrossFit Lingo

To survive in the CrossFit gym, you will have to acquaint yourself with lingo such as:

RX – This means the prescribed amount of reps and weights.

WOD – This is the workout of the day which is simply a combination of exercises done in the prescribed weights and within the time allotted.

Box –This is another name for the CrossFit gym.

workout of the day

You May Get Warnings from Family and Friends

When you begin CrossFit, you may be shocked that some of your family members and friends will pour out their fears on you. Some of them may tell you about incidences of injuries or permanent disabilities suffered by people doing CrossFit workout of the day in an attempt to discourage from pursuing this rather beneficial form of training.

If it does happen to you, push it aside and know that in the other sporting activities such as skating, surfing, riding, people get injuries. It all boils down to precautions.

You Will Start Respecting Stamina and Endurance

workout of the day

Before joining the CrossFit box, chances are you had this idea of strength which was based on how much a person can lift or how strong their chest and arms look. In CrossFit, it is different. You have things like lower back strength and quad strength. You will be moved by how people can easily execute movements and do CrossFit exercises such as air squats or holding various static positions while you can barely do little.

Among other things, you will realize an uptick in your energy levels, discover some mental weaknesses you never thought you had, and your ability to count even when under pressure will significantly increase.

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