3 Cross Training Workouts That Are Short But Intense

These three CrossFit workouts are usually short and super intense. They are a combination of gymnastics, sprints, ply metrics and Olympic weightlifting. There is always plenty of good reasons people keep coming back for more of these. The CrossFitters’ workouts of the day (WOD) are normally done in groups; points measured and recorded just like a sport. This encourages friendly competition and acts as a motivation.

It’s almost always that after just 10 weeks of intensive training which includes lifts like the squat, deadlift, the clean, snatch and overhead press are usually performed as quickly as possible. Here are three that will really challenge but keep you yearning for more.


fran workout

Fran is undeniably one of the most popular and dreaded workouts of the day. To do it successfully, you need to be in a standing position holding a barbell against your shoulders. Gently squat and keep the bar at shoulder level. All this while your palms should be facing up, elbows extended out. Rise again to your standing posture as you keep thrusting the weight over your head into a push press. Do these use a rapid burst of motion? Eliminate routine by performing 21 reps, countered by 21 pull-ups in a 21-15-9 scheme.


Annie is one CrossFit workout that makes you able to crank out 150 of the wild double-under. Most people pick it up almost immediately, while others find that they need more practice to master the trick.

To do it, you are going to need a jump rope; about chest height as you stand on it. Now start jumping with both feet together. To do a double-under in the process, jump a bit higher and then turn the rope twice as fast so that it can go under your feet twice before it lands. Once you can work your way up to several double-under in a row, you’re set for the Annie.

Angie WOD

This is a straightforward CrossFit workout that combines basic bodyweight exercises for that intense full-body workout. You need to complete all reps of one exercise before you move onto the next workout. Angie, combined with Fran, it should be an awesome WOD, this means you can use it to keep track of how much you have progressed over time.

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