Cross Training Diet Tips on Speeding Up Fat Loss through Insulin Sensitivity Reduction Strategies

The fat loss game is presumed to be much simpler in that you only need to eat less in the CrossFit diet than what your body requires and it will almost switch over to fat stores for energy. The reality is that this is only part of the picture because hormonal reactions play their own role in the fat loss space.

When you eat the wrong foods, you may unintentionally turn your body into a fat storage machine while you continuously feel hungry because insulin locks the glucose stores into your fat cell. Programming your body to utilize insulin much more effectively is very important because this will help improve your body composition without necessarily starving yourself.

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Why Insulin Sensitivity Improvement is Important

When you eat a meal that has high glycemic index carbs, it makes your body to produce very high insulin amounts. According to the experts of CrossFit diet, insulin can be likened to a double-edged sword where on one side it is anabolic while on the other it is lipolytic. The anabolic side of it makes it excellent for muscle building and maintenance while the lipolytic part makes it lock glucose into fat cells thereby causing your body to have excess fat.

Moderate amounts of insulin are recommended for anyone engaged in CrossFit training. However, the problem comes when your body develops a high insulin resistance, and it gets flooded with high carbohydrate, crappy diet.

Cutting Out Fructose

Any CrossFit athlete cannot be better off by cutting all carbs from his diet. Recent studies show that fructose, a common component of table sugar is what is responsible for insulin resistance. For you to get your way around this, try cutting out all dried fruit, table sugar, fruit juices, and always keep your fruit intake anything between 1 and 2 pieces a day.

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Cutting Out Trans Fats

Trans fats play an inhibitive role in glucose disposal. They have also been shown to promote insulin resistance and induce abdominal obesity. The way out is to cut out anything that has hydrogenated oils or trans fats.

Enhancing Omega 6 to Omega 3 Balance

The delicate balance between Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids according to CrossFit diet, determines to a greater extent your overall health and specifically insulin sensitivity. Most modern diets tend to be high in Omega 6 fatty acids, but do not have as much Omega 3s. Having a good portion of fish intake, grass-fed beef and fish oil can help in readjusting the balance. Try to avoid vegetable oils such as sunflower oil, corn oil, and fried foods.

Increase Your Green Tea Intake

Green tea has been proven to have the capacity to divert carbs away from fat cells and towards muscle cells. This has the effect of preventing excess glucose from being dumped into your fat cells and thereafter converted to body fat. Switch to green tea and forget about your English breakfast.

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The last strategy is to up your cinnamon intake. Cinnamon increases cell glucose uptake and improves insulin signaling pathway within the muscles and this increases insulin sensitivity. Ensure you combine the strategies above with some strength training for outstanding CrossFit workout results. 


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