3 Advantages of Performing Toes to Bar Cross Training Workout

Some of the top CrossFit athletes display amazing levels of abdominal training and core strength. When you get an opportunity to watch CrossFit games, you will undoubtedly see some of the most impressive midsections in the industry. If you have been wondering what you can do to achieve such a midline, the secret lies in the abdominal journey which starts from the toes to bar.

Core training has numerous benefits such as spinal stability and enhancing overall strength in squat, deadlift, and press movements. The following are some of the benefits of toes to bar that you can’t afford to miss out on.

Enhanced Muscular Demands

The toes to bar movement involve lifting from a slightly hyper-extended position with your shoulders and hips opening to a fully contracted position at the very top. To execute the full range of motion, you need greater amounts of muscle strength, coordination, and control.

The kip adds a component of speed and momentum which result in high energy expenditure during the eccentric portion of the CrossFit workout. Also, the lifter is required to load greater amounts of body mass which ultimately leads to hypertrophy and excellent results.

Improvement of Shoulder, Grip, and Back Strength

Hanging from a barbell while your body is in a dynamic motion is a crucial skill. It requires an excellent range of motion from your shoulder capsule as well as stability and control in your scapular regions and upper back as explained in CrossFit Workout session. Also, you need high amounts of grip and arm strength to control and support yourself during the longer sets.

The toes to bar challenge most of your supportive muscles located in the upper body and hips which enhances the overall performance and strength. When you increase the supporting muscles of your body which assist in the toes to bar movement, you can then target a much larger chunk of muscle mass in the hip flexors, serratus, upper and lower abs, as well as obliques.

Efficient Sit-Ups

The toes to bar movement unlike other CrossFit gym exercises don’t require as many repetitions to be done yet it gives you the same benefit as that you will get in doing endless sit-ups and crunches. This means you will spend less time training your core while you achieve greater results.

Through the enhancement of muscular demands and complexities of core training, you can up the effectiveness and efficiency of your training to optimize on results.

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