Addressing Key Questions in Cross Training Workouts for Kids

Cross Training is one of the high-intensity training methods that push adult minds and bodies to their very limits. Because of this picture, most parents are apprehensive when considering kids
Cross Training. The question most people ask is, does Cross Training benefit kids in the same way it does to the adults and is it safe?

CrossFit workouts

Cross Training  Kids was launched way back in 2004 and bring together fitness and fun. The program focuses on mastery of good movement so that growing up into teens and adults; the kids will not struggle to get basic movements right. Children aged 3 to 18 can be taught in group classes, but the age limits may vary depending on the Cross Training location. The following are some of the questions people have concerning Cross Training for kids.

How Different are Cross Training Kids from the Regular Cross Training?

Cross Training Kids is not a scaled-down version of the adult-form of Cross Training . On the contrary, this program is specially designed, taking into consideration children peculiar circumstances so that it can give them a combination of fun and exercise.

The program brings in elements of weightlifting, bodyweight calisthenics and gymnastics. The goal is to develop the capacity of children in general fitness as well as focus on elements which enhance vestibular system development and bone density.

CrossFit workouts

Is the Program Safe for Kids?

Yes, the Cross Training Kids program is absolutely safe for children. There is a whole lot of scientific literature which supports the safety of the strength and conditioning Cross Training workouts included in the program as well as the benefits these have for the growing children.

Far from it, Cross Trainings for kids does not include max lifts or pushing of the kids to exhaustion. If anything, the first area of concern is safety and the proper form. Rarely do kids lift weights because the good movement is the key focus at this tender age. There is a strong relationship that exists between increased cognitive functions and physical activities. When your kids do Cross Training, their capacity to process information will improve as well as their attention span.

What Sort of Cross Training Training Do Kids Have?

Highly trained and experienced coaches in Cross Training Workouts, firstly make kids go through the basic movements by. Typically, an exercise class will last about 50 minutes and starts with a warmup game which is also fun to play. Some of these games include Human Hungry, Relay Races, Cross Training Kids Dodgeball, and Hungry Hippos. After that, the coach takes them through the skill of the day before introducing another game that practices that skill.

There is also a workout of the day where the kids complete a partner game, obstacle course, or a skill game. Lastly, the class ends with another game that revisits previous skills and reinforces what has been learned for that particular day.

CrossFit workouts

If Kids Are Not Athletic, Can They Still Participate?

Contrary to what some people may believe, Cross Training Kids in Cross Training Workouts is just that, for every child. It is inclusive and infinitely scalable. Every child can benefit from this program, and more so they will learn the role of physical activity in their healthy lifestyle. This foundation is important as kids grow because they will never forget it in their lives.

Just ensure your children have comfortable clothes that they can flip, roll, hang, squat, and jump in. Flat soled shoes, athletic pants, and tee-shirts are recommended as part of the Cross Training gear.

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