Key Pointers When Choosing a Cross Training Gym

CrossFit is a relatively fast-growing sport. This is mainly due to the uniqueness and variety of workouts athletes are exposed to during CrossFit training. Compared to some years back, CrossFit facilities have improved with gyms spread across streets as people embrace the culture and modalities of CrossFit.

Crossfit gym

Even with such popularity, there are always good and bad apples, and it is important if you know what to look for in a gym. The following are some of the pointers to consider when looking for a CrossFit box.

Layout or Appearance

This is the first attribute you see when you visit a gym. Take note of how neat and organized it is and even the cleanliness of the floor. Even though CrossFit training does not constitute a formal class, you need whiteboards, leather boards, and timers to take care of the time conscious workouts. The layout should also include clear markings and labeling of important areas such as restrooms and the places where you can leave your belongings. In short, when looking at layout or appearance, you need to determine how comfortable and inviting the space is.


Crossfit gym

There are two main aspects to look out for when assessing Crossfit gym equipment. The first is to check the sufficiency of the equipment and the second bit is to look at the organization. If you find plenty of equipment to go around or the instructor can organize the available equipment such that there is no limitation, then it is a good CrossFit gym. If the equipment in the gym is well taken care of, the chances are high that you will also be looked well after.


Because of the activities that go on in gyms, it is hard to find a squeaky-clean facility. However, there is a seriously a huge difference between a Crossfit gym that is dirty and one that has the appearance of a hardcore box. Look at the floors, kettlebells, and bars for chalk remnants and dust. Also, check whether the restrooms are clean.

The Profile of the Coach

Crossfit gym

While considering any CrossFit facility, one of the people you cannot afford to ignore is the coach. This is because he provides direction and above all determines to a greater extent what you get out of the gym facility. Check the kind of work the coach has done outside CrossFit, the other certifications they have, and if truly CrossFit has transformed their life. The fitness industry also has an opinion concerning certain coaches and therefore tapping into this can help you in deciding whether the person you are considering to be your coach has what it takes.

Class Structure

CrossFits are different in organization, but at least they must have a structure. The advantage with well-structured CrossFit classes is that they allow for the flow of events and expectations, which are critical in the learning process. For instance, there should be dedicated times for beginners, different CrossFit exercises, and time for competition teams to train.

Crossfit gym

The last, but certainly not the least aspect to look at is the CrossFit community. Training in a gym is all about the experience, and this is determined by the kind of community you are training around. Every community is different, but you should look at a mixture of people who have the drive to push you on as you interact with the box.

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