Recommended Foods For Crossfit Diet

Recommended Foods For Crossfit Diet


CrossFit workouts are usually quite intensive. For this reason, to maintain a healthy, sculpting, lean and toned body- there are some recommended work out diet. Basically, one of the most essential components of a good intensive workout diet is protein. It stabilizes blood sugar, provides energy and fuel the body requires for workouts.

Besides protein, there are other important foods to add to your diet to keep you in good shape whenever you workout. Adding these foods in your diet- at least daily gets your body functioning optimally. Here are some of the readily available foods to consider.


·        Banana and whey 

After working out, it is only obvious you refuel and optimize your recovery by replenishing glycogen stores and protein to enhance tissue repair. At this point, your body tends to crave fast-absorbing carbohydrates, and protein. Banana and whey are perfect examples of these fast absorbing nutrients.


·        Coconut oil

Now, the reason why coconut oil is recommended by nutritionists is that it provides increased energy faster than any other fatty foods. Coconut oil fat is converted by the liver into an instant energy source, just like it is the case for carbohydrates, the only difference is that it is sugar and carbohydrate-free! 


·        Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds have the highly required nutrients and omega-3 fatty acids by the body. These nutrients effectively refuel your recovery after a CrossFit workout.


·        Sweet potatoes

The body needs functional carbs for an energy boost. Glycogen is stored in the muscles (and the liver partially) after digestion of carbs. The body depends on this glycogen from the muscles for energy to carry you through your workout.


·        Eggs

Actually for CrossFitters, eggs are super food. Eggs are rich in protein and vitamin B. One egg normally carries about 7 to 10 grams of protein. So, starting the day with a few eggs up your protein budget daily will be enough fuel for you when you hit the gym.

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