Tips on How Farmer’s Walk Can Take Your Cross Training Workout to the Next Level

The farmer’s walk is much more than picking some heavy objects and attempting to walk with them. It is a CrossFit exercise that is a true game changer. It helps you build on the strength and improves your lifting. Simply the farmer’s walk is your one-stop-shop exercise to excellence in CrossFit Workout. It gives you the grip, enhances your glutes, abs as well as the lung capacity.

Loaded Carries

This is where an athlete takes up a heavyweight and carries it over a distance or an extended time period. You can use anything for the weights including sandbags, dumbbells, stones, kettlebells, and any other object which gives you the challenge to carry.

CrossFit Workout

Among the benefits of loaded carries include an improvement in work capacity which is simply your ability to perform physical work. On top of this, loaded carries can improve your grip strength, endurance, core strength, as well as muscle strength. Loaded carries also complement some of the major movements such as deadlift, squat, and bench press.

Muscle Building

The farmer’s carry is an exceptional CrossFit workout that enhances muscle building, especially in the upper back area. It creates very high levels of muscular tension and lets you sustain that for an extended time period. Research has shown that this stimulates bigger hormonal responses which aid in muscle growth.

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Grip Strength Improvement

Your hands provide you with the base that supports lots of gymnastic movements as well as lifting movements. Without a proper grip, your path to strength will be limited in a way. Stronger grips are a pre-requisite to any form of lifting and will readily strengthen your shoulders. When doing farmer’s carry with some heavyweights, your grip strength will be your borderline into adding more weights.

Enhancing Work Capacity

According to the Journal on CrossFit Workout, work capacity refers to the ability to do real physical work as measured by the product of the force and distance divided by time. Alternatively, you can think of it as the overall amount of work you can do, adapt to or recover from positively. Farmer’s carry has been praised as one of the best ways through which you can improve your work capacity and strengthen your mental toughness. This can be achieved by putting the body system under a load for a longer period of time to create pressure in the abdomen and chest while challenging the breathing pattern.

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Increasing Core Strength

There are several exercises you can throw into your CrossFit training schedule to strengthen your core amongst them sit-ups and farmer’s carry. The advantage with the latter is that it is self-correcting which means if your core is not working in the right way, you will immediately notice when you undertake this exercise. For you to have a nice and upright postural position, you need a stiff and rigid spine. By hanging on to some weight and walking, you can, therefore, improve both your posture and core strength.

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