What Cross Training Supplements Generally Contain

We all know that CrossFit is arguably one of the most challenging sports or physical events on the planet today. It is a mixture of many training disciplines and uses every energy system in one super workout.

crossfit workout

Many CrossFitters realize the fact that addition of a few research-proven supplements often has tremendous effects on their workout results. These are aspects of performance such as strength, training endurance, and general fitness.

This triggered us to come up with this educational piece on Crossfit supplements for those want to have their WOD scores soaring high.


Proteins diet

Protein is the bodybuilding foods that are essential for our muscle growth, recovery, strength adaptations, and even shedding of fat. On the one hand, proteins can be naturally obtained from foods such as meat, fish, and eggs. On the other hand, protein supplementation is also available for athletes involved in CrossFit.

Protein supplementation is not only convenient for crossfitters but also more affordable and free from fat or carbs. The benefit is that you can easily increase your total daily protein intake without consuming too many calories and accumulating body fat.

Blended Supplements

Also called pre-workouts blended supplements is a combination of several ingredients and to make one a complete solution. This type of CrossFit supplement is efficient for the consumer; it ensures they always get what they need, in the right dosage, and without having to use a variety of different products.

Other Amino Acid Supplements

Along with other basics like BCAAs and Leucine, there are also other useful amino acids or amino acid-like replicas that can work efficiently for a CrossFitter. Some of these are like;
  • Creatine
  • Glutamine
  • Citrulline
  • Beta-alanine
When combined, these ingredients have many advantages benefits for a CrossFit athlete. Forget about the misconceptions about them; these are basically what CrossFit supplements contain.

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