Elbow Compression Sleeve (2.0)

Elbow Compression Sleeve (2.0)
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Lightweight compression Elbow Sleeves for Weightlifting, Cross training, WODs, Tennis, Golf, Yoga, Calisthenics or all day use. Provides compression and support to the tendons and ligaments around the elbow. Reduce the risk of injury when performing bench press, overhead press, battle ropes, snatchs and more. 


  • Elbow compression support
  • 3mm material allows for all day comfort 
  • Rugged, lightweight construction can stand up to the toughest workouts



How do these handle heavy sweat?

Our Elbow Sleeves are minimalistic, in that we don’t use heavy, hot materials like neoprene. We use a more breathable, stretchy fabric that contours to the way you move and can stay in place while you sweat.

 Are these bulky?

No. These are made with a minimalist design that is ultra lightweight, giving you full range of motion for any activity and enhancing performance.

How do I know which size to buy?

Measure the circumference of your arm, by measuring all the way around your arm, specifically 5 inches above the elbow joint and follow the sizing chart.

Do these help the bicep too?

Absolutely. Our elbow sleeves lubricate your joints and help keep your bicep, tricep, forearm attachments warm to help prevent pain and strain.

Can I use this for swimming?

Yes, but these are not waterproof though.

Are these sold by pair?

 They are sold as a single sleeve, you can buy two sleeves to make a pair.

How long is the sleeve?

Are these latex-free?

Yes there is no latex on the sleeves

What were the materials used in these sleeves?

Do these help with tennis elbow?

Absolutely. Bear Grips Elbow Sleeves help alleviate inflammation or, in some cases, microtearing of the tendons that join the forearm muscles on the outside of the elbow. Although Bear Grips sleeves can be used as a treatment we advise you consult a doctor or therapist.

Are these machine washable and dryers safe?

It is advised to hand washed with soap or air dry for longevity. You can machine wash in cold water, and machine dry on low-medium heat.

Can you sleep with this on?

They are 3mm of compression sleeves, if you have never used compression before it is best to wear for small periods of time and slowly build up tolerance to the compression. We recommend consulting a doctor for their recommendation on time on use, but they can be worn both inside or outside the gym.

Can it be used for bowling?

Yes. Bear Grips Elbow Sleeves can be used for bowling, their minimalistic design allows for use of multiple activities including bowling.

Does the pair labeled left and right? Does it matter?

It doesn’t matter. You can wear them either way.

Do these work for tricep tendonitis?

Yes, the sleeves help warm up and lubricate your elbow joint and the ligaments, tendons and muscles for your triceps, biceps and forearms

Will the sleeve slide down the arm during the activity?

No, just follow the sizing chart for a snug fit.

Are these made in the USA?

The materials are sourced from europe and assembled in asia. The elbow sleeves are warehoused and distributed in the USA.


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