Cross Training Gym - Essential Mindsets for Success in Physical Fitness

Diet and training may be the major building blocks behind the success of any CrossFit training program, but they are not the only ones. As a matter of fact, one of the essential contributors to success in athletics is the mindset.

Olympic weightlifters have discussed on several occasions how they exploit different mindsets to consistently perform at their highest levels. The definition of the mindset that informs discourse in this article is simply what goes on in any person’s mind from CrossFit Gym or others before the start of a competition.

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The happenings in your mind during this crucial time set the stage for the level of performance. There are three main mindsets athletes across different sports including CrossFit appear to use the most.

Aggressive Mindset

This mindset is far from what people may interpret as an attempt to hurt their opponents. Instead, aggressiveness refers to a mindset in which athletes are assertive, proactive, and forceful. For instance, athletes who set the pace in a race, best exemplify this mindset.

With this frame of mind, athletes can easily shift from solid performance to exceptional performance. CrossFit is a special kind of a combat sport which means your opponents are doing all they can to figuratively beat you. Through aggressiveness, you can victoriously battle with box conditions.

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There are several ways you can develop an aggressive mindset. First, aggressiveness comes when your body is filled with excitement and energy. When doing your CrossFit workouts, you can do more movements and bring in dynamism in your movements.

Secondly, high energy self-talk can go a long way in instilling an aggressive mindset. What you say and how you say it is important.

Calm Mindset

If you are one of the CrossFitters who get nervous as they near competitions or when approaching their WODs, you need this mindset. Remember, your primary goal all through your pre-competitive preparations and the actual competitions is in settling down and relaxing.

When you do this, your mind will release any worry and doubt thus making your body to be free of tension and nervous discomforts. Also, a calm mindset is valuable for CrossFitters who are naturally aggressive and always in the attack mode.

To create this mindset, you have to relax your body through muscle relaxation and deep breathing. The second way is to use mental imagery in which you project yourself being calm as you execute your exercises in CrossFit Gym or just before a competition. Through imagery, your body and mind physiologically relax.

Clear Mindset

In this mindset, anything related to performing is excluded. A clear mindset is best exemplified by CrossFitters who talk to their teammates or coaches before a competition.

Because of their incredible talents or years of experience, some athletes naturally have a clear mindset. They are ready for the competition and they don’t see themselves losing.

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To create this kind of mindset, think about other things, other than CrossFit sport. You can talk to your CrossFit community around you, listen to music, think about a person or an event that makes you happy.

Like all other mental states, your mindset requires deliberate steps to instill and master. Figure out the kind of mindset that works best for you. Thereafter, make a commitment to adopt that mindset and lastly focus on the desired mindset both in the CrossFit gym during practice and when competing out there.

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